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Ceramic Coating

Our Mobile Ceramic Coating detailing package offers the best deep clean to your vehicles exterior, removing contaminants smaller than the eye can see. Offering a 6-month Protection to your vehicles paint.

A ceramic coating is a hard, micro-thin glass-like coating that creates a chemical bond with the surface of your automobile, instead of just sitting on top like wax does. A Ceramic coating is now the industry standard for vehicle protection products, especially when it comes to paint.

These highly durable, hydrophobic coatings protect the vehicle's paint and act as a sacrificial barrier between the elements and seal the paint from numerous forms of contamination.


Ceramic Coating Package

Our Ceramic Coating Package Includes The Following:

*Thoroughly rinse vehicle
*Dedicated rim, wheel, and wheel well detail
*Pre-wash with snow foam then rinsed
*Hand wash with safe 2 bucket system
*Bugs Removed then rinsed
*Hand dry vehicle and blow creases
*Iron Remover applied to vehicle (removes even more contaminants)  
*Clay bar applied to all painted surfaces
*6 Month Ceramic Coating applied

**Vehicle must remain dry for 12 hours minimum after application to allow time to cure.

**Please Note This Services Requires a Water Hook-up
**Basic interior can be added to this package for $89.99
**Full Interior can be added to this package for $149.99
**Additional $99.99 For Large SUVs and Pick up Trucks

***Please note, This package does not remove scratches or defects in paint but offers protection for 6 Months on paint.
***Paint Correction services will be added soon. 

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